How to remove debug banner in flutter on android.

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Many New Flutter Developer Is Confused To How To Remove Debug Banner In Flutter App in Android, Here I am Come With Solution for How To Remove Debug Banner In Flutter App in Android.

Just Follow below Solution.

Solution 1 :

On your MaterialApp set debugShowCheckedModeBanner to false.

 debugShowCheckedModeBanner: false

The slow banner will also automatically be removed on release build.

Solution 2 :

In your class, into MaterialApp use to

debugShowCheckedModeBanner: false,

return new MaterialApp(
    title: 'Flutter Test',
    debugShowCheckedModeBanner: false,
    home: new Column(
    builder: (BuildContext context, Widget child) {

This Will Remove Debug Banner.

Solution 3 :

If You Are Using Android Studio Then Its Very Simple. you can find the option in the Flutter Inspector tab –> More Actions. Like Below Screensho

flutter debug banner remove

Solution 4 :

There is also another way for removing “debug” banner from flutter app. Now after new release there is no "debugShowCheckedModeBanner: false," code line in main.dart file. So i think these methods are effective:

  1. If you are using VS Code , then install "Dart DevTools" from extentions. After installation you can easily find "Dart DevTools" text icon at bottom of VS Code. When you click on that text icon, a link will be open in google chrome. From that link page you can easily remove the banner by just tapping on banner icon as showed in this screenshot.

NOTE:– Dart DevTools is a dart language debugger extention in VS Code

  1. If Dart DevTools are already installed in your VS Code , then you can directly open the google chrome and open this url = ""

NOTE:– In this link replace “XXXXX” by 5 digit port-id (on which your flutter app is running) which will vary every time when you use "flutter run" command and replace “ZZZZZ” by your global(unchangeble) 5 digit debugger-id

NOTE:– these dart dev tools are only for “Google Chrome Browser”

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I Hope This All Four Solution Will Definetly Help You.


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